23 12, 2018

Freehold vs Leasehold Property

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What is Freehold Property? Freehold property is when the state sets aside a plot of land and disposes it indefinitely to an individual. This is obvious when developers build freehold bungalows, private housing and condominiums. As the developer owns [...]

7 12, 2018

CCRIS, CTOS vs Blacklisted in BNM

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To many, blacklisting caused by CCRIS and CTOS are often the last hurdle in the application of a much-needed loan for businesses or housing. Often misunderstood for rejecting loan applications and backlisting PTPTN defaulters, these two agencies are often looked upon in [...]

22 10, 2018

My First Home Scheme

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The “Skim Rumah Pertamaku” or My First Home Scheme was first announced in the 2011 Budget by the Malaysian Government. This is one of the good initiatives taken by the government to help young adults earning RM5,000 per month or [...]

24 02, 2017

Tips To Get Home Loan Approve

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According to the recent news reported by New Straits Times, property experts see the new Skim Pembiayaan Fleksibel (SPEF) for the 1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme (PR1MA) as a great start to address the issue of home buyers who are unable [...]