What is MM2H?

The Malaysia My Second Home program (commonly abbreviated “MM2H“) is an international residency scheme enacted by the Government of Malaysia to allow people from all over the world to live or retire in the country on a long-stay visa of up to 10 years. There is no restriction on race, religion or gender. You may participate this programme alone or bring along your sponse, dependents (under 20 yr+4 months at the time of MM2H submission) and even your own maid from your country. To qualify for the program, applicants must meet certain financial and medical criteria.

All About MM2H Requirements & Benefits

Before Approval

Applicants are required to comply with the following financial requirement upon successful of their MM2H application.

Age Liquid Assets Monthly Income House Option Fixed Deposit
Aged 50 & Above RM 350K RM10K NIL RM150K
Aged below 50 RM500K RM10K NIL RM300k
Aged 50 & Above RM350K RM10K (Full govt pension) NIL NIL
Aged below 50 RM350K RM10K RM 1mil (Fully paid) RM150K
Aged 50 & Above RM350K RM10K RM 1 mil (Fully paid) RM100k

Upon Application

Applicants are required to show they have sufficient financial resources to live in Malaysia without seeking employment or other assistance from the government.

Applicants under 50 are required to show liquid assets above RM500,000 and a monthly income of over RM10,000 (equivalent).

Applicants over 50 have show assets over RM350,000 and monthly income of RM10,000. Applicants receiving a government pension over RM10,000 a month will be exempted from making the Fixed Deposit (see next section)

Acceptable liquid assets for people over 50 include cash in the bank, bonds and securities.

Upon Approval

Approved applicants over 50 receiving a pension from a Government in excess of RM10,000 a month can request exemption from making the Fixed Deposit. All others have to make a Fixed Deposit as follows.

Aged below 50 years old:

  • Must place a Fixed Deposit in a bank account in Malaysia of RM300,000
  • Can withdraw up to RM150,000 for the purchase of house, medical insurance or children’s education expenses after the deposit has been placed for one year
  • Applicants can use their car purchase grant to withdraw part of their Fixed Deposit after two years.
  • Must maintain a minimum balance of RM150,000 from second year onwards and throughout stay in Malaysia under this programme.Car purchase (copy of Car Grant issued by the Road Transport Department. Receipt of booking fee is NOT ACCEPTED)

Aged 50 years old  & above

  • Must place a Fixed Deposit in a bank account in Malaysia of RM150,000
  • Can withdraw up to RM50,000 of the fixed deposit after one year to purchase of house, medical insurance or children’s education expenses.
  • Applicants can use their car purchase grant to withdraw part of their Fixed Deposit after two years.
  • Must maintain a minimum balance of RM100,000 throughout their stay in Malaysia under this programme.Car purchase (copy of Car Grant issued by the Road Transport Department. Receipt of booking fee is NOT ACCEPTED)

MM2H Applicants who have purchased a house (or houses) with a total value of RM1 million and above

  • Must show evidence of ownership and full payment of the property.
  • Must have been purchased within 5 years of application for MM2H visa.
  • Will have to place a Fixed Deposit in a bank account in Malaysia of RM150K if under 50, and RM100K if over 50. It should be noted that the fixed deposit does not have to be placed until after the applicant has received a letter of “conditional approval”. This letter sets out the steps that have to be completed before the visa is issued. This usually consists of placing the Fixed Deposit, having a medical examination in Malaysia and obtaining medical insurance for Malaysia. Once these steps are completed the visa can be collected from the Immigration Department in Putrajaya.


Insurance Coverage and Medical Report for MM2H

Applicants and their dependants must possess a medical insurance coverage from any insurance company that is valid in Malaysia. This may be waived for older applicants who are denied coverage because of their age. All applicants and their dependants are required to have a medical examination from any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia. Both these conditions are met after the letter of “conditional approval” is issued.


  • MM2H visa holders aged 50 years old and above can work for up to 20 hours a week. This is applicable to visa holders who have specialised skills in certain approved sectors. We are advised the decision on whether to approve part time work is based on the approving committee view on whether a Malaysian could do the job.
  • MM2Hers are permitted to set up and invest in businesses in Malaysia. They will be subject to the same regulations as other foreign investors but will not be permitted to become actively involved in the day to day running of the business. If they wish to do this they must switch their visa to a work permit.
All applicants require a Malaysian sponsor to support their application. In addition they will be required to place a Personal Bond of up to RM2000 before the visa will be issued. If the applicant uses an agent then the agent will become the sponsor and the agent is also required to place the Personal Bond for the applicant.
Applicants are allowed to bring along their dependents (children below 21 years of age, step children, disabled children, and parents) under their MM2H visa. Older dependent children will have to get a separate visa. Dependents attending school in Malaysia are also required to apply for a Student Pass which allows them to continue their education in schools or Institutions of Higher Learning recognised by the government.
Each participant is allowed to purchase an unlimited number of residences above the minimal applicable price set for foreigners buying property in the State where they make the purchase. In most cases the minimum price is RM1,000,000 although some States, like Penang, have lower minimums for Mm2H visa holders. All purchases must be approved by the State authorities. Certain types of property cannot be purchased by foreigners e.g. those on ‘Malay Reserve’ land.

Participants also can apply for a bank loan in Malaysia for the purpose of purchasing a property. It should be noted that local banks will require evidence of ability to repay the loan and usually require repayment by the time the borrower reaches 65 or 70. It is possible for foreigners to buy freehold land in Malaysia. All property purchasers have to receive state approval, which can take up to six months to secure.

List of minimum price for purchase a property for each state

State Minimum Purchase Price (Foreigner) RM State Levy Date of Enforcement Minimum Purchase Price (MM2H Holder) RM
Kuala Lumpur RM1 Mil  NIL 1st March 2014 RM1 mil
Penang -Island RM1 mil (Strata Title)

RM2 mil (Land Title)

 3% of the Transacted Price 1st February 2014 RM500K
Penang – Mainland RM1 mil (Strata Title)

RM1 mil (Land Title)

 3% of the Transacted Price 1st February 2014 RM500K
Johor  RM1 mil 2% of the Transacted Price or RM20,000, (whichever is higher) 1st May 2014 RM1 mil
Malacca RM500k (Strata Title)

RM1 mil (Land Title)

 2% of the Transacted Price or RM20,000, (whichever is higher) 1st January 2014 RM500K (Strata Title)

RM1 mil (Land Title)

Pahang RM1 mil  NIL 1st March 2014 RM1 mil
Selangor RM2 mil (Zone 1& 2)

RM1mil (Zone 3)

 NIL 1st September 2014 RM2 mil (Zone 1 & 2)

RM1 mil (Zone 3)

Sarawak RM400K NIL N/A RM300K
Sabah RM500K NIL N/A RM500K
Kedah RM1 mil NIL N/A NIL
Perak RM1 mil NIL 1st March 2014 RM350K
Kelantan RM500K NIL N/A RM500K
Terengganu RM1 mil NIL 1st March 2014 RM1 mil
Negeri Sembilan RM1 mil NIL 1st March 2014 RM1 mil
Putrajaya RM1 mil NIL 1st March 2014 RM1 mil
Labuan RM1 mil NIL 1st March 2014 RM1 mil
Perlis RM500K NIL 1st March 2014 RM1 mil
Successful applicants are subject to Malaysian taxes on income sourced from Malaysia but income from overseas is not taxable. Even when foreign income (for example, a pension) is taxed at source by the overseas country they will stop this, once evidence is shown that the person is resident in Malaysia.
A participant can choose to either import one car, which already belongs to him, from his country of residence subject to approved permit (AP), which is exempted from payment of import duty, excise duty and sales tax OR purchase one locally made car in Malaysia free of any taxes. It should be noted that if you import a car it must have been owned by the applicant before the MM2H application was submitted.

The application for importing a car has to be done within 6 months from the date of visa endorsement and the purchasing of a locally assembled made car must be done within 1 year from the date of visa endorsement. The approval for importing a tax-free car can take up to 3 months and the approval to purchase a locally assembled made car can be approved can take up to roughly 1 month.


  • Participants are only allowed to sell their imported/ locally purchased car after 2 year’s stay on the programme. Should the wish to sell their imported/ locally purchase car, they are subjected to repayment of import duty, and excise duty according to the prevailing rates.
  • Importation or puchase of motorcar must be for personal use only and not for commercial use.
  • The MM2H participant is eligible for tax/duty exemption for only ONE car.
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Steps To Apply MM2H

Important Notes

Please take note of the following points:

    • After 1 year, participants aged 50 years and above need to maintain the minimum balance of RM 100,000 for every year of stay under this programme and RM 150,000 for participants aged below 50 years.
    • Participant needs to sign the Consent Form as Customer’s Declaration to authorise the Bank to confirm the existence of the FD when required by the relevant Government Authorities which can be downloaded from our website www.mm2h.gov.my
    • Where original documents are not in English, translation must be done by a qualified translator.
    • Dependent(s) refer to spouse and children aged below 21 years old (maximum 6 months before reaching 21 years old, i.e. 20 years 6 months old) and not married, parent(s) aged 60 years and above.
  • All documents enclosed with the present application become the property of the Malaysia My Second Home Centre.


For Approved participants who are applying directly, each participant and dependant must submit the Security Bond:

    • The Security Bond must be stamped (RM 10.00) by The Stamping Office at Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. The Security Bond can be in the form of a Cash/Bank Draft/Money Order made payable to the KETUA PENGARAH IMIGRESEN MALAYSIA .
    • The Bond can be withdrawn if the participant/ dependant decides to exit from the MM2H Programme.
    • The processing and approval process will take 90 working days from the date of submission of the application (provided the documentation is completed )
  • Please be informed MM2H visa holder are not allowed to work or be employed while staying in Malaysia. Persons wishing to obtain employment visas should apply directly to Immigration Department of Malaysia.
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