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Effective from 2nd January 2015, Base Lending Rate (BLR) has been updated to Base Rate (BR) to reflect the recent changes made by Bank Negara Malaysia, and subsequently by major local banks.
Fore example, current BR is 4.00% , interest rate on “BR+ 0.45%” , loan would be 4.45%. The Bank Negara announced with effective from 04 Nov 2010 to implement of a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) proportion of 70% for individuals purchasing their third or more house, which means those needing their third property onwards need to turn out with their own money adding up to 30% of the estimation of the house.

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Latest Banks Rate Updated On 05 Aug 2016

Bank Base Rate (%) Base Lending Rate (%)
Maybank 3.00  6.65
Ambank 3.80 6.65
Afffin Bank 3.80 6.65
Citibank 3.65 6.80
UOB Bank 3.85 6.81
Hong Leong Bank 3.69 6.70
HSBC 3.50 6.60
RHB  Bank 3.65 6.60
OCBC Bank 3.72 6.65
CIMB Bank 3.90 6.75
Public Bank 3.52 6.72
 Alliance Financial Group (AFG)  3.82  6.67
 Asian Financial Bank (AFB)  3.77  6.60

Things To Be Aware When Taking A Housing Loan

  • Types of Loan – Conventional Term Loan or Flexi Loan

    Conventional term loan obliges you to pay a fixed amount every month for the entire tenure of your home loan (e.g. 30 years)
    Flexi-Loan gives you an alternative of decreasing your interest whenever you wish (i.e. by saving your additional money into a linked current account. The more you save, the less interest you pay)

  • Interest Rate

    As of all loans, your need ought to most likely go to the bank that offers you the least financing cost.

  • Loan Margin

    Depending on different elements which include the value of the property as well as your standing with the bank, different banks may offer you different margins of financing. As you’ll be required to pay any amount in advance which is not covered by the home loan, this becomes very essential especially if you’re short on money.

    For example: for a RM300,000 property, you’ll need to pay RM60,000 upfront if your margin of financing is 80%; but you’ll only need to pay RM30,000 upfront if your margin of financing is 90%.

  • Lock In Period

    Lock-in period is the period you’ll incur a penalty if you choose to settle your home loan in full before it reaches the end of its tenure. The penalty usually charge 2-3% of the principle loan amount. Choose the lock-in period as short as possible and the penalty as low as possible. Some banks do not charge a penalty at all if sufficient notice is given.

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